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Summer Annuals: When & How to Plant

Early June is the ideal time to install summer annuals. Soil preparation is the first step. Soil preparation and plant selection are key. The bed should be cleaned and weeded. Then turn the soil and add compost that is available at your local garden center. There are several plant varieties from which to choose that […]


Simple Aphid Trap

A friend recently sent us this ingenious method for controlling aphids. It’s simple, inexpensive and environmentally friendly!


‘Trying to Reason with the Hurricane Season’

‘Trying to reason with the Hurricane Season’(Apologies to Jimmy Buffett) As summer approaches there are a few things that you should be doing to prepare your property for the season.First remember that several jurisdictions, including Ft. Lauderdale, do not allow fertilizer to be applied during the summer months. So get it down before Memorial Day,If […]


Be Good to Your Mango and Your Mango Will Be Good to YOU!

Be Good to your Mango and Your Mango will be good to You! Mango trees are in full bloom throughout south Florida. Here’s how to maximize the amount of fruit that your tree will produce. Begin spraying now with Copper Fungicide from your local garden center. Follow label directions. Applications should be made once a […]

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