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Character Plants in Your Landscape

Landscaping in Florida There is an increasing trend in landscape ordinances requiring uniform trees (dare we say ‘cookie cutter’ or ‘lollipop’). Here at Skiff Landscaping, we believe that there is a place for trees and plants with ‘character’. If you drive through south Florida’s older neighborhoods, such as Fort Lauderdale’s Rio Vista neighborhood, Coral Gables, […]


Citrus are Back!

Citrus are Back! Following years of attacks from pests and diseases, Florida dooryard citrus trees are once again readily available.Here are some tips for incorporating these fruit trees into your landscape. Choose an area of the yard that receives full sunlight. To ensure proper growth, place trees 15′ apart if you plan to plant more […]


Light up your Landscape

In recent years, landscape lighting has become increasingly sophisticated. The technology hasgrown from flood lights used for up lighting trees and palms in the 1950’s to the low voltageunits in the 80’s, to the multiple and far more reliable systems of today. While one can spendthousands on programmed lighting (think Disney) we suggest that you […]


Basic Lawn Care

Basic Lawn Care for South Florida There is more to mowing your lawn than simply taking the mower out of the garage or storage shed and firing it up. We strongly recommend that you follow these guidelines! What to wear: Before you mow: Mower Operation: Fertilizer:  Property owners sometimes fertilizer too often. We recommend applying […]


Spring has Sprung, Fall has Fell, Summer is Here and it’s HOTTER than Usual!

We are experiencing record breaking heat almost daily here in south Florida. So it is imperative that you stay well hydrated when working in your yard or during any other outdoor activity. We require our crew members to take water at least every 45 minutes. Sports drinks are fine but good old H20 should always […]


Hedge Plants

Several years ago the invasion of white flies decimated Ficus Benjamina all over south Florida. At that time ficus were our ‘go to’ hedge plant as they are fast growing and easy to maintain. No longer. While there is a treatment for the white fly it is expensive and requires continued applications. Whatever are south […]


Summer Annuals: When & How to Plant

Early June is the ideal time to install summer annuals. Soil preparation is the first step. Soil preparation and plant selection are key. The bed should be cleaned and weeded. Then turn the soil and add compost that is available at your local garden center. There are several plant varieties from which to choose that […]


Simple Aphid Trap

A friend recently sent us this ingenious method for controlling aphids. It’s simple, inexpensive and environmentally friendly!


‘Trying to Reason with the Hurricane Season’

‘Trying to reason with the Hurricane Season’(Apologies to Jimmy Buffett) As summer approaches there are a few things that you should be doing to prepare your property for the season.First remember that several jurisdictions, including Ft. Lauderdale, do not allow fertilizer to be applied during the summer months. So get it down before Memorial Day,If […]


Be Good to Your Mango and Your Mango Will Be Good to YOU!

Be Good to your Mango and Your Mango will be good to You! Mango trees are in full bloom throughout south Florida. Here’s how to maximize the amount of fruit that your tree will produce. Begin spraying now with Copper Fungicide from your local garden center. Follow label directions. Applications should be made once a […]

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