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Landscaping in Florida

There is an increasing trend in landscape ordinances requiring uniform trees (dare we say ‘cookie cutter’ or ‘lollipop’). Here at Skiff Landscaping, we believe that there is a place for trees and plants with ‘character’.

If you drive through south Florida’s older neighborhoods, such as Fort Lauderdale’s Rio Vista neighborhood, Coral Gables, Old Cutler Road in South Miami, there are trees that are easily fifty years old or more. It is possible to find spectacular trees that are not ‘single leader’, Florida #1, etc. For those living in Fort Lauderdale, you are no doubt familiar with the Baobab tree on U.S. 1 by

the airport. This has been a local tourist attraction for over 65 years!

Check out the attached photos and let us assemble a design that will stand out in your neighborhood!

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