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Citrus are Back!

Citrus are Back!

Following years of attacks from pests and diseases, Florida dooryard citrus trees are once again readily available.
Here are some tips for incorporating these fruit trees into your landscape.

Choose an area of the yard that receives full sunlight.

To ensure proper growth, place trees 15′ apart if you plan to plant more than one.
Make sure the root ball is 2″ above grade when installing. There should be no soil placed on top of the root ball.
Immediately after planting, water thoroughly, then hand water daily for the first two weeks. Then, hand water three times a week for the next two weeks.
Fertilize after the fourth week. University of Florida/IFAS recommends an 8-2-12 formula with minor elements. The label directs you to apply it once a month for the first six months, and then four times a year after that.

There are many citrus varieties to choose from. Here are some of our favorites.
The Valencia orange is best for juice.
The naval orange is good for juicing and eating by hand.
The Minneola Tangelo (aka Honeybell) is excellent for eating by hand since it sections easily.
The Thompson Pink Grapefruit has a pleasant flavor and is moderately sweet.
Key limes are popular for their bright, tangy flavor and can be used for juicing in a variety of dishes.
Myer Lemons are excellent for cooking and making lemonade.

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