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Several years ago the invasion of white flies decimated Ficus Benjamina all over south Florida. At that time ficus were our ‘go to’ hedge plant as they are fast growing and easy to maintain. No longer. While there is a treatment for the white fly it is expensive and requires continued applications.

Whatever are south Floridians to do? Seek alternatives.

We recommend a number of excellent hedge plants which are relatively trouble free and ever so durable.

Here are a few choices.

Podocarpus Dark: green upright growth habit. Cold tolerant. Excellent formal hedge.

Cocoplum (Red Tip): Bushy, open growth habit. Salt and drought tolerant. Red tips provide subtle color.

Clusia Guttifera: Very popular large dense hedge, Salt tolerant. Excellent coastal plant.

Ixora (several): Durable and available in many hybrids and colors.

Viburnum (several): Easy maintenance. Hearty plant. Adaptable to most soils.

Acalypha: Colorful foliage.

Buttonwood: Native plant. Green and silver.

Wax Jasmine: Likes full sun. Can be maintained as low as 18”.

These are just a few of your options.  Give us a call at 954/793-8754 or email us  and we’ll be happy to recommend one that is best for your property.

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