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Spring has Sprung, Fall has Fell, Summer is Here and it’s HOTTER than Usual!

We are experiencing record breaking heat almost daily here in south Florida. So it is imperative that you stay well hydrated when working in your yard or during any other outdoor activity.

We require our crew members to take water at least every 45 minutes. Sports drinks are fine but good old H20 should always be the first choice. Colas and other carbonated beverages do not provide what your body needs and should be avoided. A sports medicine study from a few years ago revealed that a blend of one part sports drink to three parts water was most effective. This formula is used by many professional auto racing teams.

Also, remember to apply sunscreen 35 spf or higher. Our dermatologist recommends higher! Wear a wide brimmed hat, sun glasses or protective eyewear if operating a machine. Long pants, sleeves and closed toe shoes.

When you have finished your outdoor project, get into the shade, drink some additional water and allow your body to cool off for a few minutes.

Only if you have followed our instructions and have kept hydrated throughout, only then it is permissible to enjoy an ice-cold beer!

Have a safe and happy Summer!

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