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Summer Annuals: When & How to Plant

Early June is the ideal time to install summer annuals.

Soil preparation is the first step. Soil preparation and plant selection are key.

The bed should be cleaned and weeded. Then turn the soil and add compost that is available at your local garden center.

There are several plant varieties from which to choose that thrive in the hot south Florida summers. We recommend caladiums, coleus and marigolds. All three are available in a host of colors and are easy to maintain.

Caladiums grow from bulbs which can be retrieved at the end of the season, cleaned, dried and stored until next year. Marigolds are an excellent choice if you are planting in the same space where you plant winter vegetables as they discourage nematodes.

Another option is to use bougainvillea or blue daze in 4″ pots will last for a full year or two with minor trimming and light applications of low nitrogen fertilizer.

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