logo_tbhNed Skiff is on the Board of Directors of The Bougainvilla House, a newly designed outpatient facility for the intervention and treatment of substance abuse in adolescents. The Bougainvilla House treatment and recovery programs, have been professionally developed to guide adolescents away from addiction through a successful recovery and continue life as a happy and productive member of the community.

Adolescents today are constantly challenged with offers of drugs, sex, alcohol and tobacco in school and on the street. TBH provides a safe haven with a professional staff dedicated to the successful recovery of every client. Our programs are unique in our policy to continue treatment of adolescents who temporarily “slide off” the program. Instead of terminating their treatment, we will re-assess and re-adjust the plan to assure their successful recovery.

Ned Skiff Landscaping supports the mission of TBH, and we encourage you to do the same. Visit TBHCares.org for more information.