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‘Trying to Reason with the Hurricane Season’

‘Trying to reason with the Hurricane Season’
(Apologies to Jimmy Buffett)

As summer approaches there are a few things that you should be doing to prepare your property for the season.
First remember that several jurisdictions, including Ft. Lauderdale, do not allow fertilizer to be applied during the summer months. So get it down before Memorial Day,
If your trees and palms have not been cleaned and trimmed for sometime we recommend that you do it sooner than later. Trees should be thinned, dead wood trimmed out and canopy reduced by 10%. Also be sure that there are no branches in or near power lines. Palms should be given a ‘9-3’ cut and coconuts and seed pods removed.
Look around your property for items that may become projectiles should a storm come our way. Toys, tools, lawn furniture, unused pots and garden hoses should be stowed in a safe place.
If you have storm shutters be sure that you have all of the correct hardware in hand to mount them so that you are not fighting the crowds at the DIY stores.
Also check your inventory of storm supplies. Stock up on water, canned goods, batteries and other items to help you survive for the week after a storm passes.
In short; Have A Plan!

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